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The Global Forum on Remittances, Investment and Development (GFRID) brings together key decision makers, stakeholders and practitioners who are engaged in the field of remittances and migration for development.

Since its first forum in 2007, IFAD has gathered over 1,000 participants from the public and private sector, and the civil society, to facilitate the creation of partnerships and the exchange of best practices in maximizing the impact of remittances to the benefit of migrants' communities of origin. In doing so, IFAD partners with key international financial institutions and other prominent organizations, such as the European Commission (2015) and the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (2017).

The forum is held biannually, in conjunction with the observance of the International Day of Family Remittances (IDFR) on 16 June.

Acknowledged by former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, and included as one of the actionable tools to implement the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, the GFRID is now seen as a key instrument to raise awareness and promote models and mechanisms aimed at leveraging the impact of migration and remittances for sustainable development.

The event contributes to the global governance and enhanced coordination of remittances and migrant investment, pursuing efforts to significantly decrease transfer costs, maximize their impact, and ultimately contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

The next forum will take place virtually on 16 and 17 June 2021, and will focus on digitization and financial inclusion for remittances families in times of crisis.

Publicador de Conteúdo

Publicador de Conteúdo

eGFRID - Remittances and investment: how migrants finance sustainable development

Janeiro 2022 - EVENT
The next eGFRID webinar, jointly hosted by IFAD and the European Commission (EC), will focus on the topic of “Remittances and investment: How migrants finance sustainable development.”

Global Forum on Remittances, Investment and Development – Summit 2021

Junho 2021 - EVENT
On 16 and 17 June, IFAD will host the Global Forum on Remittances, Investment and Development 2021, held virtually.

Global Forum on Remittances, Investment and Development 2018, Asia-Pacific

Maio 2018 - EVENT
22 panels of experts discussed the current status of remittance flows to Asia and the Pacific.

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Publicador de Conteúdo

Resilience in the market for international remittances during the COVID-19 crisis

Dezembro 2021
This report examines the factors that have contributed to the resilience of remittances during the pandemic.

GFRID Summit 2021 - Summary of proceedings

Novembro 2021
The 2021 GFRID Summit focused on the role of remittances and diaspora investment in strengthening market recovery in the midst of the current global pandemic and on heightening the resilience of migrant workers and their communities.

Global Forum on Remittances, Investment and Development 2018 – Official Report

Fevereiro 2019
This report presents the highlights and key outcomes of the first country-led Global Forum on Remittances, Investment and Development, hosted by Bank Negara Malaysia in collaboration with IFAD and the World Bank Group.