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Mauritania 2000001071: PRODEFI Supervision Report May 2023

Agricultural Development: Inclusive Value Chain Development Project

Região: West and Central Africa
País: Mauritania
Ano: 2023
Cambodia 2000002278: SAAMBAT Interim (Mid-term) Review Report May 2023

Marketing/Storage/Processing: Sustainable Assets for Agriculture Markets, Business and Trade Project

Região: Asia and the Pacific
País: Cambodia
Ano: 2023
China 2000001184: SPRAD-SS Supervision Report May 2023

Credit and Financial Services: Sustaining Poverty Reduction through Agribusiness Development in South Shaanxi

Região: Asia and the Pacific
País: China
Ano: 2023
Dominican Republic 2000001507: PRORURAL Inclusivo Supervision Report May 2023

Marketing/Storage/Processing: Rural Families' Productive Inclusion and Resilience Project

Região: Latin America and the Caribbean
País: Dominican Republic
Ano: 2023
Annual Report on IFAD’s Investigation and Anticorruption Activities during 2022 Tipo: Annual Reports on Investigation and Anticorruption Activities
Ano: May 2023
Consolidated Financial Statements 2022 Tipo: Financial document, Financial statements
Ano: April 2023
Madagascar 2000000850: AD2M Phase II Supervision Report March 2023

Rural Development: Project to Support Development in the Menabe and Melaky Regions - Phase II

Região: East and Southern Africa
País: Madagascar
Ano: 2023
Pakistan 1100001514: SPPAP - PK Supervision Report March 2023

Rural Development: Southern Punjab Poverty Alleviation Project

Região: Asia and the Pacific
País: Pakistan
Ano: 2023
Indonesia 2000002234: UPLANDs Project Supervision Report April 2023

Agricultural Development: The Development of Integrated Farming Systems in Upland Areas

Região: Asia and the Pacific
País: Indonesia
Ano: 2023

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