Increasing resources to overcome rural poverty

The objective of IFAD’s funding programme is to secure the resources needed to support its ambition of making a difference for its target beneficiaries. At the same time, IFAD aims to optimize its borrowing cost over the medium to long term.

IFAD bonds will provide investors with a high-quality asset and a unique chance to contribute to the 2030 Agenda and in particular SDGs 1 and 2. The proceeds of loans and bonds will be used for IFAD-supported projects in its Member Countries, targeting rural people and their needs, as described in IFAD’s Sustainable Development Finance Framework.

IFAD is committed to continue crowding in resources to support its efforts to eradicate hunger and poverty in rural areas. Through the Integrated Borrowing Framework, IFAD collaborates with Sovereign States, Sovereign Agencies and Private Institutional Investors who are willing and able to support its mandate.

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La prima emissione di obbligazioni dell’IFAD con l’investitore asiatico Dai-Ichi Frontier Life aumenta gli investimenti per rafforzare la resilienza dei piccoli agricoltori al cambiamento climatico e per combattere fame e povertà

giugno 2022 - NEWS
L'IFAD ha emesso oggi le sue prime obbligazioni in Asia per un valore di 50 milioni di dollari con la Dai-ichi Frontier Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (Dai-ichi Frontier Life), spianando la strada ad un aumento degli investimenti a favore di alcune delle comunità rurali più vulnerabili al mondo. L’investimento arriva in un momento in cui milioni di abitanti delle aree rurali rischiano di soffrire la fame o ritrovarsi in condizioni di povertà a causa dell’aumento vertiginoso dei prezzi di cibo, energia e fertilizzanti a livello mondiale e degli eventi atmosferici estremi causati con frequenza sempre maggiore dal cambiamento climatico.

AA+ credit rating from Standard & Poor’s will help IFAD increase investments to fight poverty and hunger

novembre 2020 - NEWS
The prospect of eradicating hunger and poverty received a boost today as IFAD obtained its second strong public credit rating, facilitating its access to private funds to invest in increasing rural prosperity and development in the world’s poorest countries.  

IFAD becomes first UN fund to receive a credit rating, providing a boost to the world’s poorest people

ottobre 2020 - NEWS
There is good news today for the world’s most vulnerable and marginalised rural communities, as IFAD receives its first public credit rating. This sets the stage for increased investments in food security, employment, and rural economic growth, and is an important step towards the achievement of the SDGs.

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