Rural Development Programme for Las Verapaces

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Rural Development Programme for Las Verapaces

Rural Development Programme for Las Verapaces

Las Verapaces Department lies in the northern region of the country and comprises a range of climates from cold to tropical and subtropical. The area was badly affected by the civil war. Population pressure in the highlands has led to deforestation and soils are eroded throughout the region. Poverty is extremely high among the rural inhabitants who depend for their livelihoods on very fragile natural resources.

The target group for the programme are smallholders and landless people, most of whom are indigenous. The main objective of the programme is to reduce poverty among the poorest rural families in the area by reactivating the regional economy, creating employment opportunities and increasing the productivity of smallholdings. It also works to strengthen the culture and identity of the indigenous population. Specific objectives of the programme are to:

  • raise incomes by promoting agricultural and non-agricultural income-generating activities
  • consolidate local organizations to help them become strong community-based institutions
  • improve access to rural financial services
  • encourage the participation of women in programme activities
  • introduce sustainable natural resource conservation practices
  • develop rural infrastructure and build rural roads

Results so far have shown a large increase in women’s membership of organizations and in their active participation in meetings. Programme activities such as the building of 204 fuel-efficient stoves and reforesting of 14 ha of woodlots are helping alleviate women’s workloads. The programme has also financed 63 income-generating activities, including livestock husbandry, microenterprises and textile crafts.

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Statut: Clôturé
Date d'approbation
08 décembre 1999
1999 - 2011
Développement rural
Coût total
26 millions d'USD
Financement du FIDA
15 millions d'USD
Cofinanceurs (International)
OPEC Fund for International Development 5,04 millions d'USD
Cofinanceurs (Échelle nationale)
National Government 3,66 millions d'USD
Beneficiaries 2,29 millions d'USD
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