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Reducing childhood malnutrition in Mexico

27 avril 2016

Date: 19 April 2016

Once a sacred grain for the Aztecs, amaranth and its incredible nutritional properties have long been forgotten in Mexico. 

But in this latest IFAD AgTalk, biotechnical engineer Mary Delano Frier says reawakening the ancient crop's importance in local food cultures could go a long way to reducing childhood malnutrition.

Watch the full video now.


About the speaker

Mary Delano Friar is a biotechnical engineer, founder and Director-General of México Tierra de Amaranto, an organization which seeks to help overcome poverty and malnutrition in Mexico by teaching local communities how to grow amaranth in their homes and empower rural communities to improve their physical, psychological, and financial health.

About AgTalks

AgTalks presents the human face of family farming by sharing the latest policy research findings, as well as different viewpoints on smallholder farming. The series brings forward the latest thinking, trends and research regarding policies and innovations in small-scale family farming.