UN’s Rome-based agencies team up to fight hunger and support rural development in Madagascar

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UN’s Rome-based agencies team up to fight hunger and support rural development in Madagascar

29 March 2016, Rome: The UN’s three Rome-based agencies demonstrated the power of working together yesterday when staff from the Madagascar interagency country team were recognized for their work to promote rural resilience and boost food security on the island nation off the east coast of Africa.

"Nowhere is unity more important than for the work we do on the ground with rural communities," said IFAD President Kanayo F. Nwanze in recognizing the accomplishment of the country team who were selected as winner of the biennial FAO-IFAD-WFP award for their efforts to support the people of Madagascar as they coped with the consequences of consecutive years of drought and El Niño in 2015-16.

Building on each agency’s unique strength, FAO, IFAD and WFP staff in Madagascar pooled their resources and expertise to help people in affected areas in a variety of ways.

Together on the ground

FAO provided farmers with drought and disease resistant seeds as well as agricultural tools. The agency also improved sustainable agriculture techniques, crop diversification and post-harvest storage practices.

This was complemented by IFAD-funded projects working to support the implementation of Madagascar’s national strategy for agricultural services. Activities included strengthening the capacity of farmers’ organizations across the country, scaling up field school participatory learning efforts and promoting wider use of agricultural innovations and improved farming practices such as micro-irrigation systems new methods for intensifying rice production.

WFP provided food assistance and cash-based transfers to people and communities affected by drought, cyclone and other disasters. WFP also helped develop a national school feeding policy and through the rehabilitation of community assets, helped build resilience.

In addition, the three agencies assisted the government in formulating its national development plan for agriculture, fisheries and livestock.