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Reducing hunger through agricultural cooperatives

juin 2016 - RÉCIT
An IFAD-funded project teach farmersin El Salvador how to develop a viable business and marketing plan, and identify needs for technical assistance.

Building a better life for rural youth in El Salvador

novembre 2015 - RÉCIT
As IFAD commemorates a 30-year partnership with El Salvador during ‘IFAD Week' – we look at the challenges and opportunities faced by rural youth in the country.

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IFAD meets with El Salvador Ministers to promote rural development to curb youth migration

juillet 2017 - ACTUALITÉ
Senior officials of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) will meet with the government of El Salvador to discuss strengthening their partnership to help thousands of families build a better life for themselves and for young people seeking opportunities in rural areas.

El Salvador: La Semana FIDA impulsa el diálogo sobre las políticas públicas de desarrollo rural

novembre 2015 - ACTUALITÉ
San Salvador, 11 de noviembre de 2015 – La 1ª Semana FIDA sobre Desarrollo Rural, que se celebra del 16 al 20 de noviembre en San Salvador, convoca a sectores

El Salvador: UN rural development agency to boost support for youth, women and indigenous peoples

avril 2015 - ACTUALITÉ
Rome, 22 April 2015 – A new strategy to improve the livelihoods of young people, women and indigenous peoples in El Salvador's poor rural communities was