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RemitSCOPE: Kenya Country Diagnostic

mayo 2023
This diagnostic provides an assessment of Kenya’s remittance market, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, using a market-oriented approach.

Financing Facility for Remittances Knowledge Products

febrero 2023
Since its inception in 2006, IFAD’s Financing Facility for Remittances (FFR), has produced a large number of publications and information material with global outreach. This pamphlet aims to provide the reader with a quick overview of each, with a link to the dedicated webpage.

RemitSCOPE: Uganda Country Diagnostic

noviembre 2022
This diagnostic provides an assessment of Uganda’s remittance market, with special reference to factors related to the COVID-19 pandemic, based on a market-oriented approach.

RemitSCOPE: Senegal Country Diagnostic

noviembre 2022
The Senegal diagnostic provides an evaluation of remittance market into Senegal, under a supply-based approach.

RemitSCOPE: Morocco Country Diagnostic

noviembre 2022
This report provides an assessment of the remittances market in Morocco.

Hábitos y preferencias de inversión de la diáspora maliense en su país de origen

noviembre 2022
Este estudio invita a la reflexión a los agentes que deseen adaptar sus herramientas financieras a las necesidades y expectativas de la diáspora y, al mismo tiempo, despertar el interés de los actores públicos.

Inversión de la diáspora en las pequeñas y medianas empresas malienses: modelos de inversión propuestos que se adaptan a la diáspora maliense

noviembre 2022
Las investigaciones del FIDA muestran que la diáspora maliense tiene interés en invertir en empresas del sector agrícola y, más concretamente, en empresas que son propiedad de los miembros de la diáspora o sus familiares.

Iniciativa PRIME África

junio 2022
Plataforma para las remesas, las inversiones y la capacidad empresarial de los migrantes en África
Disponible en otros idiomas: Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese

Resilience in the market for international remittances during the COVID-19 crisis

diciembre 2021
This report examines the factors that have contributed to the resilience of remittances during the pandemic.

Managing agricultural risk through remittances: the case of Senegal

diciembre 2020
This feasibility study explains the role of remittances in agricultural risk management.

How post offices can leverage the impact of remittances: A set of working papers

junio 2020
This set of three working papers explores ways to maximize the impact of remittances delivered through post offices.

A manual in mobilizing migrant resources towards agricultural development in the Philippines

noviembre 2019
This manual discusses the strategy, lessons learned and recommendations of Atikha in scaling up initiatives in mobilizing migrant resources towards agriculture development in the country.

Global Forum on Remittances, Investment and Development 2018 – Official Report

febrero 2019
This report presents the highlights and key outcomes of the first country-led Global Forum on Remittances, Investment and Development, hosted by Bank Negara Malaysia in collaboration with IFAD and the World Bank Group.

RemitSCOPE - Remittance markets and opportunities Asia and the Pacific

mayo 2018
RemitSCOPE, a new website portal, is designed to provide data, analyses and remittancemarket1 profiles on individual countries or areas. In coordination with the Global Forum on Remittances, Investment and Development 2018, RemitSCOPE is being launched to provide market profiles for 50 countries or areas in the Asia and the Pacific region. The additional four regions will be included gradually: Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, and Near East and the Caucasus. RemitSCOPE intends to address the fast-changing market realities in the remittance industry in order to help bring together the goals of remittance families, as clients, and the strategies of the private-sector service providers. RemitSCOPE is designed as a free, one-stop shop that is available to any organization or entity interested in accessing all relevant public information on remittances.

Financing Facility for Remittances

marzo 2016
In 2016, around 200 million migrants worldwide sent home an estimated US$ 445 billion to their families in developing countries. These remittances provide for basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter that are essential to lifting millions of people out of poverty. The truly transformative potential of these funds, however, lies in their investment in education, healthcare and asset building. To meet these needs, the us$36 million multi-donor Financing Facility for Remittances (FFR) has been working since 2006 with the goal of increasing the development impact of remittances and enabling poor households to advance on the road to financial independence and rural transformation. The FFR is administered by IFAD, a specialized agency of the united nations with the mandate to invest in rural people to eradicate poverty in developing countries.

FFR Brief - Five years of the Financing Facility for Remittances

junio 2013
This document reports on the remarkable achievements of the Financing Facility for Remittances (FFR) in its five years of operation. It provides an overview of the importance of remittances to development, the strategy that the Facility has adopted to date, and the lessons. The FFR Brief learned from the innovative projects it has financed. Looking forward, the report highlights the tremendous opportunities offered by large-scale distribution networks, adoption of new technologies, mobilization of migrant capital and partnering with the private sector. Each chapter has been designed to be readable as a stand-alone discussion of the specific topic area it addresses. As a number of projects resulted in lessons learned in multiple areas, projects may be mentioned more than once, and their impact in each topic area will be discussed separately.

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