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INSURED - Seguros para el Fomento de la Resiliencia y el Desarrollo Económico de las Zonas Rurales

junio 2023
INSURED es un programa de asistencia técnica que trabaja para fortalecer el seguro agrícola en la cartera del FIDA.

Inclusión de las cuestiones de género en los seguros contra los riesgos agrícolas y climáticos: cómo mejorar el acceso de las mujeres rurales a los seguros

octubre 2021
El programa de asistencia técnica del FIDA INSURED (Seguro para la resiliencia rural y el desarrollo económico) ha estado acumulando conocimientos sobre la forma de fortalecer el acceso de las mujeres productoras a los seguros contra el riesgo climático.

INSURED Uganda country update: Feasibility study on agricultural insurance for oilseed farmers

enero 2021
What risks and challenges do small-scale producers of oilseeds in Uganda face, and could agricultural insurance help them manage and mitigate those risks?

Managing agricultural risk through remittances: the case of Senegal

diciembre 2020
This feasibility study explains the role of remittances in agricultural risk management.

PARM Final Report (2014-2019)

diciembre 2019
Read this final programme report for more information on the PARM processes and achievements in each country.

PARM Annual Progress Report 2018

julio 2019
Since 2013, PARM has collaborated with partners across eight sub-Saharan African countries in a joint process to make agricultural risk management (ARM) an integral part of policy planning. The process led to the implementation of a number of activities at the country, regional and global level including risk assessments, feasibility studies, capacity development training, knowledge sharing and policy dialogue. This report presents these outcomes and achievements from these activities for the year 2018 looking back to the commencement of the process.

PARM Result Factsheet May 2015

mayo 2015
Since its inception in December 2013, PARM has worked for a better management of risks in agriculture in developing countries, considered as a main constraint to improve farmers’ livelihoods.

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