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Celebrating International Youth Day 2015

abril 2016 - RELATO
Today's generation of young people – defined by the United Nations as those aged 15 to 24 – is the largest in history. An estimated 87 per cent of the world's young people live in developing countries, and the majority live in rural areas. However, in the world's poorest countries, opportunities for youth are often limited or non-existent, leaving them marginalized politically, economically and socially.

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Benin and IFAD to boost food and nutrition security and create jobs for rural people

febrero 2019 - NOTICIAS
Over 51,000 households in Benin will benefit from a US$104.4 million project that aims to reduce rural poverty through a value chain approach, which can contribute to reducing food imports and improving the competitiveness of small farmers’ products in national and global markets.

Benin and IFAD work together to boost food and nutrition security while creating jobs for young people

febrero 2016 - NOTICIAS
The Republic of Benin and the United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) signed an agreement today to finance the Market Gardening

IFAD provides US$17.92 million to Benin for the Rural Economic Growth Support Project

diciembre 2014 - NOTICIAS
Rome, 21 July 2009 – A US$8.96 million loan and US$8.96 million grant from IFAD to the Republic of Benin for the Rural Economic Growth Support Project

Le Président du FIDA, Kanayo F. Nwanze en visite officielle au Bénin

junio 2014 - NOTICIAS
L'agriculture, la sécurité alimentaire et l'emploi pour les jeunes en milieu rural au centre des discussions avec les autorités béninoises Rome,3 janvier