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First IFAD-financed project in Montenegro to support economic and climatic resilience

May 2017 - NEWS
The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and Montenegro signed a financial agreement today to launch a project to transform the lives of over 16,000 smallholder farmers.

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In rural Montenegro, women gather to share their successes

January 2022 - STORY
In north-eastern Montenegro, an IFAD-funded project is helping women start their own businesses and gain greater representation in their communities. Recently, many of these women gathered to share their successes and teach and learn from each other.

Anka’s story: Working smarter – and fairer – in Montenegro

June 2020 - STORY
For all its rugged, mountainous beauty, Montenegro can be a very hard place to live – especially for women.

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A win-win partnership is boosting small farmer milk production in remote Montenegro

June 2021 - VIDEO
It’s six o’clock in Mojkova, in Montenegro and a long working day starts for Sladan Minic. It is an early wintry morning, and Sladan starts to collect milk from the local dairy farmers driving around mountainous roads.