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18 AUG

Investments in poor small-scale farmers generate significant benefits for climate and environment, says new IFAD-GEF report

Languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, French
26 JAN

IFAD and African Development Bank are on a mission to boost agricultural productivity in Africa

Languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, French
19 OCT

Ahead of global climate talks, public development banks join forces to boost investments in sustainable food systems

Languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Italian
29 APR

African Development Bank, IFAD and partners redouble efforts to stop hunger in Africa and strengthen food security

Languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, French
14 APR

IFAD and the Islamic Development Bank commit $500 million to address hunger and climate change in poor rural communities

Languages: Arabic, English, French
17 JUN

Agriculture Development Partners visiting Dodoma region to meet with authorities and farmers

Languages: English
28 SEP

IFAD and CAF commit to reducing poverty and hunger in rural Latin America

Languages: English
21 SEP

EU, IFAD and ASEAN launch 16 million euro programme to support smallholder farmers

Languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, French

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