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Driving AgriTech adoption: Insights from Southeast Asia’s farmers

April 2020 - BLOG
By leveraging the tools that internet marketing companies have already honed to reach consumers, governments can deliver quality agronomy advice at scale.

Changing lives in times of uncertainty: how innovative agriculture builds resilience

March 2020 - BLOG
As countries prepare for the pandemic the mandate of a rural development organization may seem to some not particularly relevant to the current crisis.

Mobile money: A product of choice for women to send and receive remittances

November 2019 - BLOG
Women constitute the majority of remittance recipients globally and remittances have an impact on both women’s actual income as well as on social norms.

Innovation at all scales: Connecting entrepreneurs to Governments at IFAD’s Governing Council

February 2019 - BLOG
Today’s most pressing problems will need cross-sector collaboration and innovation at all scales.

Blockchain: a plus for smallholder farmers?

November 2018 - BLOG
Imagine that instead of redistributing wealth through governments, we could instead change how wealth is distributed to begin with.

The Rural Solutions Portal: IFAD’s web platform to leverage South-South and Triangular Cooperation for better livelihoods

July 2018 - BLOG
One of the challenges is to share knowledge and lessons between countries and regions.

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