Call for Proposals: Mainstream Fintech and Agritech Technologies into IFAD portfolio of country programmes

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Call for Proposals: Mainstream Fintech and Agritech Technologies into IFAD’s portfolio of country programmes (Latin America and the Caribbean region)

This call for proposals is for a grant under the Global/Regional Grants Programme aimed at: Mainstream Fintech and Agritech Technologies into IFAD portfolio of country programmes. The proposal will eventually be considered as part of a selection process, and will compete with other proposals for IFAD grant resources. Please note that all submissions received will be evaluated against pre-determined criteria.

Your submission in PDF format should include:

  1. Project proposal, submitted using the grant Design Document Template. The proposal must be aligned with the Concept Note and Additional Information provided. It should also include a detailed budget using the activity-based budget table. Bid validity period is required.
  2. Applicants' self-certification of eligibility for IFAD grant financing, duly filled.
  3. A brief institutional profile, detailing experience in the priority area and specific theme outlined in the Grant Concept Note and Terms of Reference of the project, as well as the region/country(ies) where the grant would be implemented.

To the extent eligible institutions deem it appropriate to partner with other institutions, they can do so. In this case, only the applicant institution shall be responsible for achieving the project objectives and outcomes, producing the expected outputs, the overall project management, financial and technical reporting to IFAD, while the partner institution(s) will be sub-contracted by the proponent. In case of applicants collaborating with other organizations, a single application must be submitted to IFAD for consideration, clearly indicating the lead agency and the names of all collaborating partners. The recipient may choose to sub-contract any part of the services under this agreement to a person or entity. The lead recipient shall be fully responsible and liable for the delivery of the services performed by them or on their behalf.

The preparation of the proposal shall be by, and at the expense of, your organization. IFAD shall not reimburse any costs incurred by you in the preparation of the proposal, site visit, collection of information, oral presentation, or for any subsequent discussions, clarifications, and negotiations related to this Invitation to Submit Bids, whatever the outcome of the Invitation may be, including the case of no award. IFAD reserves the right to annul the selection process at any time without thereby incurring any liability to the applicant. This Invitation does not commit or obligate IFAD to award a grant. In addition, please be advised that should your proposal be accepted, this does not guarantee IFAD support. The proposal would then need to be further developed and it will subsequently undergo rigorous approval processes, which closely examine technical, financial and legal aspects. By submitting a proposal, applicants agree to abide to all conditions set forth by IFAD.

Deadline to receive proposals is 6 March 2020 by 23:59 CEST. Proposals submitted after this deadline will be considered ineligible.

Requests for clarifications may be submitted before 28 February 2020, 23:59 CEST.

Queries will be addressed on a case-by-case basis in the shortest time possible. Questions asked by prospective bidders and answers provided will be available in the frequently asked questions& answers attachment, which will be regularly updated.

Please send queries and final proposals copied to:


IFAD's grant programme

IFAD Financial Management and Administration Manual

IFAD Handbook for Financial Reporting and Auditing of IFAD-financed Projects: IFAD FM e-Learning module