High level virtual dialogue - Feeding Africa: leadership to scale up successful innovation

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High-level Virtual Dialogue - Feeding Africa: Leadership to scale up successful innovation

10:00  15:00 GMT | 12:00  17:00 CEST

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted food security across Africa, exasperating the pre-existing impacts of climate change, rising fragility and conflict, and adverse events such as locust invasions in East and Southern Africa. Africa must urgently strengthen its food systems as an integral part of efforts to recover from the pandemic and build resilience.

This high-level dialogue will identify ways to expand activities, financing and partnerships to further leverage technology and innovation for the transformation of agriculture in Africa.

The meeting will draw on case studies and success stories to demonstrate the potential for expansion.

Outcomes will be shared with the Food Systems pre-Summit in Rome in July and at the Food Systems Summit in October 2021.

This meeting is co-hosted by the Africa Development Bank (AfDB) and IFAD, with the African Union, CGIAR and the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa.

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