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SAFIN Annual Progress Report 2022

June 2023
Rapid inflation in 2022 exacerbated the financing challenges faced by enterprises in the midstream of agricultural value chains.

Agritech and Fintech Providers in East and Southern Africa: A landscape assessment

May 2023
This report examines the universe of agritech and fintech providers that influence access to finance in East and Southern Africa, exploring their potential to become commercially viable and achieve scale.

Access to Finance for Farmers’ Organizations: Evidence from a multi-country survey

April 2023
This report offers new evidence to inform the design of suitable and timely financial products for farmer organizations, based on a survey of 220 farmers’ organizations in West Africa and Asia and the Pacific.

Agri-SME Finance: Navigating volatility in the wake of the war in Ukraine

August 2022
This learning brief summarizes the challenges, opportunities, and responses of agri-SMEs, financiers and development partners to the current food crisis.

SAFIN Annual Progress Report 2021

May 2022
Greening our food systems to deliver healthier and more nutritious food sustainably cannot be done without financially empowered agricultural small and medium-sized enterprises (agri-SMEs).

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