Investing in rural people in Haiti

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Investing in rural people in Haiti

IFAD is a key partner in Haiti’s rural development. Its series of strategies, projects and programmes since 1978 testify to its long-standing commitment against rural poverty, with the active participation and inclusion of the Haitian rural population.

The 2013-2018 country strategic opportunities programme (COSOP), extended until 2021, adopted a holistic approach to natural resource management, facilitating small-scale producers’ access to markets and rural finance, while strengthening agriculture-related grass-roots organizations.

The strategic objective of the country strategy note is to reduce rural poverty and strengthen the climate resilience of rural Haitian communities by:

  • Promoting sustainable and inclusive management of natural resources, including coastal and marine resources, adapted to climate change
  • Promoting community economic ecosystems that are sustainable, diversify livelihoods and facilitate healthy nutrition
  • Investing in human capital development, including capacity-building for rural community organizations responsible for natural resource management.