Introduction to community pasture management plans in Kyrgyzstan

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Introduction to community pasture management plans in Kyrgyzstan

Following its independence from the USSR in 1991, Kyrgyzstan privatized land and established market-based farming, with responsibilities transferred to state entities and local government bodies.

However, these reforms were not conducive to an optimal pasture management system, resulting in the fast degradation of pastures. Livestock production declined, leading to poverty for those employed in this sector.

A 2009 Pasture Law transferred all land back to State property and established local Pasture Committees that received basic training on pasture management. The IFAD-funded Livestock and Market Development Programme (LMDP) supported rural communities to adopt community pasture management.

This publication synthesizes IFAD’s experience on introducing Community Pasture Management Plans and how the historical and legal context led to the creation of a modernized and sustainable pasture management system.


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