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Amidst drought and flooding, Malawian farmers look to diversify their diet

November 2016 - STORY
An IFAD-supported project is encouraging Malawian farmers to eat the food they produce - instead of over relying on maize and other food products that they are forced to buy.

Learning new horticultural techniques to raise income

May 2010 - STORY
Lobi is one of the most remote areas in Malawi. Located west of the market town of Dedza along the Mozambican border, it takes one hour travelling on a track road to reach the area.

Farmers’ associations: unleashing innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit

February 2009 - STORY
In the Lilongwe district of Malawi, a farmers’ association has made a significant difference in the lives of the local community by providing training and enabling its members to negotiate higher prices for their crops.

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A holiday gift with impact: crowdfunding solar-powered water access in Africa

December 2020 - NEWS
This holiday season, some of the world’s poorest families in Somalia and Malawi look set to access water through innovative solar energy products financed through a crowdfunding project set up by IFAD.

New investment to commercialize small-scale farming for 300,000 Malawians

December 2019 - NEWS
At least 300,000 highly vulnerable Malawian families will benefit from a new US$125.4 million programme that aims to increase their productivity and strengthen their market access.

Call for Proposals: Integrated fish-rice-vegetable food systems

August 2019 - NEWS
This Call for Proposals is to identify the recipient of a three year grant financed by IFAD for a total amount of up to US$3.5 million to implement a project titled: Integrated fish-rice-vegetable food systems for improved livelihoods, food and nutrition security and climate resilience in Malawi, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire: Scaling-up lessons learnt from Cambodia (or Asia).

Investing in the resilience of small farmers ensures food security and strengthens nations, IFAD President to tell leaders of Mozambique and Malawi

January 2017 - NEWS
nvesting in the resilience of smallholder farmers is more important than ever if we are to maintain the food security gains now being threatened by the after effects of El Niño and La Niña.