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Three ways we’re using digital technologies to fight rural poverty in the NEN region

December 2020 - STORY
Digital technologies have become our constant companions over the last few decades. Devices like smartphones and laptops have become even more relevant after the COVID-19 outbreak, helping us stay in touch even in times of physical distance.

Opportunities, challenges and limitations of climate-smart agriculture - The case of Egypt

June 2019 - STORY
Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) aims to facilitate the evolution of agricultural systems in the face of a rapidly changing climate. IFAD's approach to promoting CSA for smallholders focuses on three core objectives.

Improving traditional products to reach new markets

June 2018 - STORY
Family farmers in rural Bosnia and Herzegovina and Egypt have increased their incomes, production and skills by taking part in a project funded by an IFAD grant and implemented by Oxfam Italia.

Transforming desert land into a profitable fruit oasis

May 2016 - STORY
25 September 2015 – It was only a few years ago that Wafaa Abu Shanab took a leap of faith and left the city, moving her family to the desert in West Noubaria,

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IFAD opens regional office in Egypt, providing rural development support to seven countries in the region

October 2019 - NEWS
IFAD opened a regional office in Cairo today that will serve as a strategic rural development center for its work to reduce poverty, empower women and youth, and create employment opportunities in seven countries across the region.

Egypt and IFAD strengthen partnership to reduce rural poverty and promote resilience in desert environments

October 2019 - NEWS
The President of the United Nations' International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Gilbert F. Houngbo, will meet with H.E. Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, during a four-day visit to the country from 6 to 9 October to discuss IFAD’s ongoing investments and to pave the way for a strengthened partnership towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

IFAD and Egypt to promote resilience in desert environments with a US$81 million investment

February 2019 - NEWS
The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and Egypt signed a financing agreement today to reduce poverty and enhance food and nutrition security by sustainably improving incomes and resilient livelihoods for 450,000 rural people in the Matrouh Governorate.

IFAD and Egypt partner to reduce rural poverty and improve farm productivity and income

November 2018 - NEWS
Donal Brown, IFAD Associate Vice-President, Programme Management Department, will meet with government officials during a four-day visit to Egypt that is centred on IFAD investments to galvanize rural development and transform marginalized areas.