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Denmark and IFAD share a long-standing partnership to fight poverty and hunger. Agriculture and the food sector are the drivers of their common approach to promote sustainable rural transformation, which is essential to tackle environmental degradation and climate change.

IFAD promotes  agricultural growth that is environmentally sustainable and integrated into ecosystems, helping small-scale farmers become more resilient to the impacts of climate change. Working with partners like Denmark, IFAD scales up successful approaches to sustainable agricultural production and green value chains, building climate resilience and adaptation, enhancing biodiversity, increasing yields and lowering emissions.

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IFAD President and Danish government officials to discuss shared commitment to creating employment opportunities for rural youth

August 2017 - NEWS
Gilbert F. Houngbo, the President of the United Nations' International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), will meet with high-level government officials in Denmark this week to discuss the outcomes of IFAD’s latest report on rural youth and employment.