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Celebrating International Youth Day 2015

April 2016 - STORY
Today's generation of young people – defined by the United Nations as those aged 15 to 24 – is the largest in history. An estimated 87 per cent of the world's young people live in developing countries, and the majority live in rural areas. However, in the world's poorest countries, opportunities for youth are often limited or non-existent, leaving them marginalized politically, economically and socially.

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Cameroon and IFAD join forces to boost food security with support to small-scale farmers

September 2020 - NEWS
IFAD announced today a US$59.9 million investment to fund a six-year extension of the successful Commodity Value Chain Development Support Project (PADFA) in Cameroon.

Call for proposals: Grant to strengthen the supply of improved seeds and improved PPP in Central Africa (SISCA)

August 2019 - NEWS
This is a Call for Proposals to identify the recipient of a three-year grant financed by IFAD for a total amount of up to US$3 million.

IFAD-supported programme for the rural poor in Cameroon shows promising results with room for improvement

February 2018 - NEWS
The development projects supported by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in Cameroon aim at increasing opportunities for the rural poor to engage in sustainable and remunerative activities both on the farm and off.

Un atelier sous-régional pour former les équipes des projets financés par FIDA au contrôle interne

September 2013 - NEWS
Yaoundé accueille les responsables des services administratifs et financiers du Cameroun, du Gabon, de la République Centrafricaine et du Tchad Rome/Yaoundé,