INSURED programme

IFAD’s INSURED programme (Insurance for Rural Resilience and Economic Development) aims to build the climate resilience of poor rural households, increase their capacity to manage climate risk and strengthen their livelihoods.

INSURED provides implementation support on agricultural insurance and climate risk insurance to governments and partners in nine core countries: Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Viet Nam, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Guatemala. It also provides capacity building and technical assistance in additional countries, and supports the roll-out of insurance schemes linked to agricultural development and financial inclusion activities.

Lessons learned and practical guidance for project designers and implementers are shared through the Insurance Toolkit.

INSURED is a US$6 million programme funded by Sida and implemented by the multi-donor Platform for Agricultural Risk Management (PARM).

INSURED contacts

Contact information


Asset Publisher

Imaine Abada

Portfolio and Programme Analyst

Emily Coleman

Agricultural and climate risk insurance Senior Expert

C. Tara James

Climate Risk and Agricultural Insurance Specialist

Related publications

Related publications

INSURED - Insurance for rural resilience and economic development

October 2022
INSURED is a technical assistance programme working to strengthen agricultural insurance in IFAD’s portfolio.

Filling in the blanks: How to address data gaps to develop better livestock insurance for smallholder farmers

September 2022
Gathering good data can reduce the cost of livestock insurance for smallholder farmers, making coverage affordable and building their resilience. The Insurance Toolkit new brief shares lessons learned in Georgia.

Engaging smallholder farmer communities to develop index-based insurance

August 2022
This knowledge brief explores the benefits of and rationale for community engagement in index insurance initiatives, with examples from a pilot project in rural Ethiopia.

Blogs and Stories

Blogs and Stories

Laying the groundwork for insurance that works for smallholders in Cambodia: National webinar shares results of agricultural insurance feasibility study

June 2023
A national webinar was held in Cambodia to share the findings of an agricultural insurance feasibility study on vegetable and chicken value chains, conducted by the INSURED programme.

What I’ve learned about resilience from rural communities in Guatemala

October 2022 - BLOG
Faced with the impacts of climate change, small-scale producers in Guatemala urgently need to manage risk using tools like insurance. Read how INSURED promotes the use of agricultural insurance to build resilience and strengthen livelihoods.

Putting the customer front and centre: practical tools for developing customer-centric inclusive insurance for smallholder farmers

July 2022 - EVENT
Speakers will discuss developing customer-centric and inclusive insurance products under the IFAD-financed Managing Risks for Rural Development Project.    

Promises kept: Crop insurance makes a difference for Kenya’s small-scale farmers

March 2022 - STORY
Farming can be a risky business indeed. Recently, some IFAD-supported initiatives have begun piloting crop insurance programmes for participating farmers – and for KCEP-CRAL farmers in Kenya, the new insurance policies arrived just in time.