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Annual Report on IFAD’s Investigation and Anticorruption Activities during 2020 Type: Annual Reports on Investigation and Anticorruption Activities
Year: September 2021
Benin 2000000882: PADMAR Supervision Report October 2023

Research/Extension/Training: Market Gardening Development Support Project

Region: West and Central Africa
Country: Benin
Year: 2023
Philippines COSOP 2023-2028

Type: Country Strategic Opportunities Programme
Region: Asia and the Pacific
Country: Philippines
Year: 2023
Morocco 2000002073: PRODER-Taza Interim (Mid-term) Review Report September 2023

Rural Development: Taza Mountain Integrated Rural Development Project for the pre-Rif Region

Region: Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia
Country: Morocco
Year: 2023
Rwanda 2000004315: RDDP 2 Project Design Report September 2023

Region: East and Southern Africa
Country: Rwanda
Year: 2023
Djibouti 2000002545: PGIRE Supervision Report September 2023

Credit and Financial Services: Integrated Water Resources Management Project

Region: Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia
Country: Djibouti
Year: 2023
Mexico 1100001597: Semiarid-Mixteca Project Completion Report

Rural Development: Sustainable Development Project for Communities in Semiarid Areas

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean
Country: Mexico
Year: 2023
Uniform Principles and Guidelines for Investigations Type: Guidelines
Year: September 2023
Niger 2000001810: ProDAF-Diffa Supervision Report September 2023

Irrigation: Family Farming Development Programme in the Diffa Region

Region: West and Central Africa
Country: Niger
Year: 2023

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