Annual Report on the IFAD Investigation and Anticorruption Activities 2018

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Annual Report on the IFAD Investigation and Anticorruption Activities 2018

This report presents information on the investigation and corruption prevention activities carried out by IFAD’s Office of Audit and Oversight (AUO) in 2018. Information is also provided on investigation outcomes and sanctions, on outreach and cooperation efforts, and on the use of staff and other resources. In 2018, IFAD saw an increase in reports of allegations - pointing to the improving effectiveness of the confidential reporting channels; the anticorruption awareness activities carried out; decentralization; and the strengthening of IFAD's procurement and financial management capacity. There was also an increase in cases resulting in sanctions and debarments, a trend that will further build trust and confidence in IFAD's anticorruption mechanisms.

IFAD's anticorruption policy was revised in 2018 in order to align it with best practices at the other United Nations agencies and international financial institutions (IFIs). The revised policy provides effective and efficient tools and mechanisms for IFAD to combat fraud and corruption in the challenging environment in which IFAD operates. Notably, the policy updated the definitions of prohibited practices; clarified and strengthened the responsibilities of borrowers and grant recipients in relation to downstream partners, including providing assurance to IFAD that a bidder or potential contractor is not cross-debarred by any of the IFIs that are signatories to the Agreement for Mutual Enforcement of Debarment Decisions; and includes strengthened requirements in relation to project contractors and implementing partners, including disclosure of specific information.


Annual Reports on Investigation and Anticorruption Activities