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Togo Country Strategic Opportunities Programme 2022-2027 نوع: برنامج الفرص الستراتيجية القطرية
منطقة: أفريقيا الوسطى والجنوبية

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Togo and IFAD partnering for improved financial services and job creation for rural people

فبراير 2019 - أخبار
Over 50,000 vulnerable rural households in Togo will benefit from a US$35 million project that aims to spur inclusive rural economic growth and create employment opportunities in rural areas through a value chains approach, according to the details of a financing agreement signed today by government of Togo and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

New Financing Agreement To Strengthen Small Rural Businesses in Togo

يونيو 2014 - أخبار
IFAD invests in youth to boost employment in country's 5 regions Rome, 23 May 2014 – The government of the Togolese Republic and the International Fund

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A cross-continental partnership improves smallholder farmers’ lives

مارس 2016 - قصة
27 MARCH 2015 – Science is the pillar of improvement, and agriculture is the pillar of food security. Through the programme, both of those pillars come

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IFAD and Togo

سبتمبر 2011
The country’s challenge now is to create the conditions for economic growth – and the Government of Togo believes that the best way to achieve lasting growth is through increased production and productivity in the agriculture sector. For these reasons, after more than a decade out of the country, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is working closely with the Republic of Togo to put agricultural and rural development on track.

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