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IFAD Country Director and Country Representative to The People’s Republic of China

Nii Quaye-Kumah

Nii Quaye-Kumah holds the position as the IFAD Country Director and Representative of IFAD Multi Country Office, People’s Republic of China. Based in Beijing, Quaye-Kumah leads a team managing an evolving partnership with China and development partners in three countries including China, ROK and DPRK. He is responsible for the investment and advisory programs in China. In addition, he supports knowledge partnership in the sub-region.

Before being appointed as IFAD Representative in China, Quaye-Kumah joined the Office of the President and Vice-President in the function of Special Adviser to the President since 2018. He also worked in the function of Ghana’s Alternate Permanent Representative with the Embassy of Ghana in Rome during 2011-2018. Prior to that, he had served in various senior positions in the area of agricultural development and agricultural extension services, such as Director of Agriculture of the Dangme West District of Ghana and Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer of the National Agricultural Extension Project (NAEP), within the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Ghana.

Quaye-Kumah holds a Master of Science in Management and Agricultural Knowledge Systems from the Wageningen University and Research Centre, The Netherlands and a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Animal Science) from the University of Ghana.

البريد الإلكتروني
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