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Lead Technical Specialist, Platform on Agricultural Risk Management

Massimo Giovanola

Massimo Giovanola is Lead Technical Specialist for the Platform on Agricultural Risk Management (PARM) at the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). He is responsible for managing the PARM process in eight African countries. He works to define the appropriate strategies with the host governments and then guides the organization and implementation of technical studies on subjects such as country profiling, risk management and feasibility. He also develops and maintains partnerships with national and international stakeholders and partner organizations.

Giovanola joined IFAD in 2014 from his previous position at Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Between 2000 and 2014, he worked in both emergency and rehabilitation-development programs for Burundi, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Tunisia, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan as Country Director and Program Manager with INGO (7 years) and FAO (7 years). His main areas of expertise are country strategy development and program management, agriculture sector, food-security and nutrition.

Giovanola has a master’s in Animal Science from the University of Milan (Veterinary), a diploma in Business Administration from Varese, along with certificates and qualifications from FAO and IFAD in procurement, strategy development, food security and coaching techniques.

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يتحدث Massimo Giovanola عن إدارة المخاطر الزراعية

يونيو 2019 - فيديو
يتحدث Massimo Giovanola، أخصائي إدارة المخاطر في الصندوق الدولي للتنمية الزراعية، عن نهج الصندوق المبتكر والشامل لإدارة المخاطر الزراعية.