IFAD’s Code of Conduct

IFAD Asset Request Portlet

ناشر الأصول

Legal document

مدونة السلوك في الصندوق

IFAD’s Code of Conduct is intended to support staff in upholding the Fund’s ideals of ethics and to protect them while carrying out their duties as international civil servants. Holding high ethical standards in our daily work is essential to maintaining a healthy organization.

The information presented in this booklet has been extracted from IFAD’s Human Resources Implementing Procedures, Chapter 1: Duties, obligations, and privileges to provide staff with an easily accessible reference tool. In addition to it being a reference tool, we invite staff to look at the Code as a window into the culture we wish to maintain and a roadmap in seeking assistance, when needed.

While management has full confidence in the integrity of staff, our Code of Conduct is meant to provide guiding principles for day-⁠to-day interactions and decision-making. The Code of Conduct cannot provide staff with answers or guidance for every ethical issue that may arise in the course of the Fund’s activities, and should never be used as a substitute for good judgement. In case of doubt, staff should seek guidance from the Ethics Office (ETH).


September 2020